Managed Backup

As part of our Cornerstone Managed Service solution, our managed remote backup service protects your critical data like never before. And you can rest assured that it will be there if a disaster happens! We constantly monitor your backups every day to make sure there is nothing left to chance.

“Don’t wait for a disaster to happen

to find out that your old backup plan wasn’t working!”

Combined with a customized Cornerstone Managed Service plan, this solution makes sure your data will be there for you, and gets your business back up and running quickly should your equipment fail or you experience a data loss.

Fire Water Theft Hard Drive Failure Disgruntled Employee Accidental Deletion

Ask yourself right now; Are you SURE your critical business data is being backed up, AND is it in a secure location? If you are not 100% sure that your data will be there for you if lost, then contact us now and we’ll set up a customized plan for your business!

Managed Remote Backup:

Offsite! Secure! Managed Daily! Fast Restores! Affordable! Guaranteed!

Old tapes are not reliable, Flash drives are not secure, External Hard Drives aren’t “offsite”, unless you remember to take them home with you! Do you really want to put your entire business in that much risk? Call us today! Let us eliminate that risk!