Managed IT Services from Computer Enterprises

“Why are Managed Services Important for My Business?”

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services from Computer Enterprises help your business maximize its Information Technology (IT) investments. Our Cornerstone Managed Services framework manages your business's IT infrastructure, network components, servers and users’ desktop PCs remotely, comprehensively and transparently. With Cornerstone Managed Services we have the ability to remotely manage a business IT environment and complement that management with on-site professional computer services when needed.

Why is this Important?

The benefits of Managed Services to your business are:
Proactive vs Reactive

Managed Services are a proactive approach to managing your IT resources. With Cornerstone Managed Services in place, we are dedicated to keeping your business up and running with as little interruption as possible. Compare this approach to waiting for a problem to occur and then seeking IT service support. This reactive approach means that, when issues arise, it is inherently more difficult to resolve the issues and more costly to your business than preventing these issues in the first place. You are paying twice with a reactive approach – the obvious costs of the repair and the hidden costs associated with business downtime. Adopting the Managed Service approach allows you to improve your business efficiency. You can better predict your expenditures and prioritize your needs. You are proactively managing your IT resources rather than them managing you.

Decrease Risk

The proactive management approach allows us to remotely manage your business IT environment. This remote management is consistently monitoring the overall health of your IT resources and reporting back the status. This is a preventative service aimed at detecting issues before they arise and hinder your business's ability to function. Using our Cornerstone Managed Services you are dramatically decreasing the risk that an IT failure will occur.

Increase Productivity

Cornerstone Managed Services are all about maintaining a higher level of IT resource performance, functionality, and stability at your business. This directly correlates with better resource utilization and higher employee productivity. Your business IT systems will be running at peak performance and you will be more efficient, allowing management and employees to spend less time dealing with the impact of IT hassles and downtime. You will be able to focus on profitability and increasing customer satisfaction.

Cornerstone Managed Service Plan Options:

  • Cornerstone Basic
    • Includes Managed Workstations, Servers, and Backup Solutions*
  • Cornerstone Plus
    • Managed Workstations, Servers, Backup Solutions, Plus Managed Security*
  • Foundation
    • Managed Workstations, Servers, Backup Solutions, Managed Security, Plus Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support*
*a variety of additional managed and hosted services are available that may fit your individual business needs.

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