“The Threats Are Constantly Changing”

Managed Security

No business is immune from external threats. Hackers are constantly creating new ways to infiltrate business networks and steal or hold ransom your important data.

“Make no mistake; these threats are real and ever present!”

Managed Firewall Service

Our solution allows you continue to do business without interruption while constantly keeping your network safe from the outside. We manage the changes and do the updates on a constant basis remotely, without having to bring down your network, and at no extra charge. No big expenditure for the device or the installation.

We also use proven secure hardware and subscription services to keep your critical data secure. The firewalls are backed up and managed by our professional staff 24/7/365 as part of our service. You get one flat rate, no matter how many updates, changes, or replacements are needed.

Our Managed firewall solution also provides the tools to help you increase employee efficiency, reduce wasted time, and protect your business from the inside with internal protection and usage policy management.

Security Monitoring 24.7.365!

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Web Filtering
  • Spam Blocker
  • Gateway AntiVirus
  • Reputation Enabled Defense
  • Live Security Updates

Managed Antivirus

With our Cornerstone solution we employ the most effective AntiVirus and anti-malware solution while minimizing the effects of intrusive programs that prohibit you from getting your work done the way you want. We keep them up to date and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. Once again, we do this 24/7/365 as part of our service.

Make Sure Your Business Is Protected!
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